Scaffolding Serbia – Scaffolding Rental Services in Serbia – Rent, buy, build

Are you in need of scaffolds or scaffolding services in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina or Croatia? We provide full rounded service in scaffolding industry – project planning, transportation, rental and building scaffolds for your projects.

With over 20.000 m2 of scaffolds at our disposal we can meet demands of any project.

Professional, reliable and one of the leaders on the scaffolding market in Serbia and the region – Soko Skele DOO, your reliable partner in construction.

Reach out to us and secure scaffolds and scaffold builders for your project under great conditions!

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Or call and message us on our phone: +381 62 33 33 55 (Available on Viber and WhatsApp as well)

Soko Skele Doo – Scaffolding rental and building in Serbia and Region